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Top 10 benefits of Amaranth

Amaranth used for all gl natural beauty skincare products

Top 10 benefits of Amaranth

Amaranth used for all gl natural beauty skincare products

Amaranth is an ancient grain that is loaded with healthy nutrients. Here are the top 10 benefits of Amaranth.

1. Straight-up Nutrition: Amaranth is a complete protein and contains
more minerals than most vegetables.

2. Immune System Support: This is the only grain that contains vitamin C.
It’s also high in vitamin E and other antioxidants.

3. Weight Loss Assistance: Amaranth is 15% protein, which lowers insulin
levels and triggers a hormone that suppresses your appetite.

4. Heart Help: Amaranth balances cholesterol and is an excellent source of
omega fatty acids. Also, the potassium helps with blood pressure.

5. Bone Health and Development: The high calcium content, as well as
other minerals in amaranth make it excellent for bone health.

6. Digestive Support: The high fiber content of the whole grain allows for
smooth digestion and ensures that your body is able to use the nutrients
you’re taking in.

7. Vision Care: High levels of carotenoids and antioxidants in amaranth
support eye health.

8. Neural Tube Defect Prevention: Amaranth is high in folate, which can
reduce the risk of birth defects early in pregnancy.

9. Hair Care: Amaranth contains lysine, anamlno acid that is excellent for
healthy hair growth and for preventing baldness.

10. Cellular Oxygenation: Amaranth is high in squalene, which can prevent
disease by getting oxygen into cells and stopping mutations.

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